Saturday, December 05, 2009

Carbon dioxide threatens Old Faithful!!

[Lots of dim-witted alarmism here] -- Julie Cart -
Spasm Geyser is one of hundreds at Yellowstone -- including Old Faithful -- that may be affected by global warming. Park officials worry that receding groundwater levels could diminish the geysers' dramatic displays.
Warmer temperatures have extended the park's growing season for plants by up to 30%. Renkin found that given the additional growing time, willows produced powerful defensive compounds that made them unpalatable to wildlife, enabling some to grow more than twice as high.
In some cases, the changes are imperiling the very features that define some of the nation's most-beloved parks.

The ice fields at Glacier National Park in Montana are quickly fading and may be gone by the end of the decade. In California, the namesake plants at Joshua Tree National Park are disappearing, as are the big trees at Redwood. Increasing hurricane frequency and intensity is destroying the Everglades in Florida.
Olliff said that in recent years a season's entire wolf pup production was lost to canine distemper or parvo.
...That approach has support in Washington from newly installed park service Director Jon Jarvis. "Climate change is going to be the most significant challenge to the fundamental premise and foundational management of our national parks that we have ever faced," he said.
Trees are growing in Yellowstone's mountain meadows, filling open areas that are crucial to the livelihoods of some wildlife.

With food sources and hospitable weather lingering well into fall, Yellowstone's grizzly bears are retiring to their dens later than ever before.

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