Monday, December 14, 2009

[Complete insanity]: Can China get by without coal? - Telegraph
Qinlao village has been given the unenviable task of making it through the winter, when temperatures can descend to -40C, without burning any coal. Instead, the villagers have been told they should burn the corn stalks left over from their harvest to keep warm.

Xinhua, the propaganda arm of the government, has declared Qinlao as the "first coal-free zone" in China's northernmost province and a model of how the country can survive without coal. "Within three years, the whole of north China will be burning plant stalks like us," boasts Mr Zhao.
Using Crop Residue for Biofuels Hurts Soil Quality: Scientific American Podcast
Harvesting stems and leaves for biofuel takes away a source of nutrients for soil microbes that in turn produce the natural fertilizer for the next generation of crops.
Frigid Folly: UHI, siting issues, and adjustments in Antarctic GHCN data « Watts Up With That?
Clearly, Rothera Station is no longer a “pristine” place to do science, it’s just another destination, a pocket of humanity with an airport, a coffee shop and the only heat for 75 kilometers.

Is Rothera a good place to measure a long term temperature trend to use for adjusting other Antarctic GHCN stations? Perhaps not.
Should World Climate Policy be based on a lie? by Piers Corbyn | Climate Realists
It is now clear that the UN Global Warming / Climate Change programme and any deal at Copenhagen is based on failed science and fraudulent data.
Alarmist Plan B: [Did we say the science of global warming was settled?  We meant ocean acidification] - Telegraph
"Unlike global warming, which can manifest itself in nuanced, complex ways, the science of ocean acidification is unambiguous," said Andrew Dickson, a Scripps professor of marine chemistry.
Pajamas Media » Art Horn: Climategate in the Classroom? (PJM Exclusive)
The longtime meteorologist and public speaker came out as a climate skeptic and is now getting blackballed. From public schools.

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