Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jim Hoggan | Mainstream media misdirected in stolen email story
There is a crystal clear trail of money and extensive evidence tying a small group of climate change deniers and skeptics, fueled by millions of dollars from polluting industries, who have worked tirelessly for the past few decades to confuse the public about science and delay action on a host of public health and environmental priorities, none with greater potential consequence than global climate change.
Twelve days to change the face of our planet
Globally, 200 million climate migrants are expected by 2050.
Condoms To Fight Climate Change - Page 1 - The Daily Beast
“Loss of healthy life years as a result of global environmental change (including climate change) is predicted to be 500 times greater in poor African populations than in European populations,” The Lancet recently reported.
Tony Abbott with Laurie Oakes Channel Nine
TA: Well, I think that this is something that the public are very conconcerned about Laurie. I mean, sure the public thinks something is happening to our climate, and they think that the government should be doing something about it, and that's right, we should, but they are very concerned about this tax, I mean, something like 80% of the public say that they need more information and that's code for saying that they don't understand it, what I'd look to do, Laurie is I'd like to challenge the Prime Minister to a series of public debates on this subject. I mean, climate change...
Limping into Copenhagen Climate Conference through ‘Climategate’ | Asian Tribune
Those who cry wolf about looming catastrophe by the accumulation of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere have failed to explain millions of sceptics how come this simple ‘plant food’ suddenly became a force for destruction in the new millennium. It is in our primary school that we were taught Carbon Dioxide is taken in by plants to produce not only our food but also oxygen supply too without violating the basic laws of nature.

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