Monday, December 21, 2009

Since Obama's alleged "breakthrough" in Copenhagen, Al Gore has been quiet

Al's Journal : [The latest post is dated Dec 18, when Al made this dubious claim]: Denying the Climate Crisis is Bad Political Strategy

[Note that the latest polls show that maybe 20% of Americans agree with Al that we're in a "climate crisis"]
Zogby Interactive: More Americans Have Little or No Concern About Climate Change
...Fewer now say they are highly concerned - 20% today compared to 30% in 2007.
[Also note that in America, belief in Gore's climate crisis is eclipsed by belief in astrology, ghosts, ESP, etc]
Gallup, Pew, and other polls reveal that a frightening percentage of Americans believe surprisingly ridiculous things - that the sun revolves around the earth, for example (18 percent), or in communication with the dead (21 percent), witches (21 percent), astrology (25 percent), clairvoyance (26 percent), telepathy (31 percent), ghosts (32 percent) and ESP (41 percent).

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he's resting up after those strenuous and deeply productive negotiations.