Monday, January 25, 2010

Media Ownership and The Rupert Murdoch Tipping Point? « JoNova
Three years ago Rupert Murdoch was promising to make News Corporation carbon neutral. He implored his staff to personally reduce their footprint, and to be more creative in convincing the world to act too. He created websites specifically to help spread the message about the need to reduce carbon emissions. And he even bought a hybrid car himself.

Today Quadrant magazine reports what many of us have been speculating behind the scenes: Murdoch has realized the IPCC and the “consensus” are fake.
Destroy the Village to Save the Earth - John Hood - Planet Gore on National Review Online
The Times of London reports that Britain would have to level “huge expanses” of buildings in many cities and towns in order to comply with new carbon-emission standards
Greenfleet loses roof over its head
But slightly more than a year after Greenfleet was accredited, Wong announced that Greenhouse Friendly would be dumped, along with its logo of a grinning green pointy-roofed house. It would be superseded by the Government's centrepiece green policy, the carbon pollution reduction scheme (CPRS), and replaced by a new national carbon offset standard - complete with a new, yet to be unveiled, logo.
Snow and ice snarl roads and air traffic - The Local
Snow and ice caused havoc on German roads and disruptions at the country’s largest airport in Frankfurt on Monday. Meteorologists expect the deep freeze to continue all week.
Low temperatures and snowfall throughout Greece
Most of Greece was gripped by a cold front sweeping down from the north on Sunday, bringing ice and snow and below-zero temperatures in several areas throughout the country.
Green fades in the wash
IT WAS consumer group Choice that first suspected GreenPower provider GreenSwitch was still selling renewable energy to eco-conscious customers in late 2008, weeks after it had been deregistered.

GreenSwitch, owned by a company called Global Green Plan, had been banned in September 2008 after taking money from customers to buy GreenPower certificates, but failing to buy all the certificates promised.

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