Friday, February 19, 2010

ABC News Watch: FOI request for climate time line emails-Request denied.
1. Why are documents related to ABC program material and datacasting content exempt from FOI?
2. Clearly where tax payer funds have been used to produce a faulty program, there is a compelling public interest in releasing documents that might shed light on how such faults got through the ABC's editorial system?
3. What have the ABC got to hide?
4. Does the ABC have its own Climategate in the making?
Czechgate: Part Two – The GISS rape of Prague | CLIMATEGATE
The CRU datasets from Czech stations – as probably the only temperature records from CRU officially publicly available at the time – were recently published by the Czech climatologists who obtained them from CRU despite Phil Jones declaring the data “missing”, “lost during the moving”.
Weird | Climate Skeptic
I have predicted it before but will say it again — some day, the environmentalists will look back on their global warming hysteria as a couple of lost decades in their own movement, when focus on real environmental issues were kicked to the curb in favor of going all in on trace concentrations of carbon dioxide.
Global warming: It started with fear
Again, without presuming moustache twirling villainy, the people involved were not inventing the problem--they were convinced, by and large. But they were taking advantage of it. And they were not inventing stories about all of their poster children--they were taking speculative articles from anywhere and exaggerating them to get support for their policies.

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