Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cap-and-trade 'dead' in US Senate: lawmaker - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON (AFP) – A Republican US Senator said Thursday that he and Democrats working on climate change legislation would unveil a new bill in mid-April, but warned that a "cap and trade" proposal was "dead."

"I will continue to work on producing that new product, a new way to achieve energy independence, create jobs, clean up the air and hopefully we'll have something for you after the Easter break," said Senator Lindsey Graham, referring to a two-week recess that ends the week of April 12.
Twitter / David Roberts
Graham keeps saying cap-and-trade is "dead." Does he realize there's a C&T system IN HIS BILL? Maybe we shouldn't tell him.
Twitter / Kate Sheppard:
Graham: "Don’t hold us to the two weeks… but within a couple of weeks after Easter break, we hope to unveil a bill."
Twitter / David Roberts
If KGL's bill is released 2 weeks after Easter, then CBO scores it for 5-6 weeks, it'll come to the floor in late June: Silly Season.
Twitter / Andy Revkin [Is this overwhelming evidence that carbon dioxide prevents measles?]
At #sop2010 (webcast) @unicef Ann Veneman notes a 92 percent reduction in measles deaths in sub-Saharan Africa since 2000.
Graham: Health vote saps red state Dem support for climate change legislation - The Hill's E2-Wire
Graham (R-S.C.) told reporters Thursday that Democrats from conservative states will now be less likely to embrace the climate effort now that they've cast a tough vote on healthcare.

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10ksnooker said...

Head stooge Grahmnesty is on the job. Does he even know it's all based on a series of lies?

So other than taxes, what's the plan here? Make gasoline and electricity costs more. I bet this works especially well for those with foreclosed homes and no jobs, despite the laser like focus promised by Obama.

How quickly we forgot, the lame-stream media counted the cents of increase for gasoline daily when Bush was president, now not a peep