Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chicxulub Resurgent | The Resilient Earth
As I said in “Forget Global Warming, The Sky Really Could Fall,” Chicken Little was not crazy, the sky could fall—in fact it has done so many times in the past. While the world's politicians and tree-hugging blowhards rail about the damage climate change might cause, there is a real threat to life on Earth that can strike with little warning. That sort of puts a degree or two of global warming into perspective. Anthropogenic global warming, even at the high end of the IPCC's projected range, would barely register on the real environmental cataclysm scale.
Twitter / Andy Revkin [He'd like to be seen as "above the fray", but he's obviously got his own biases, just like every other blogger]
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Positive Weather Solutions - Challenge to Climate Change
PWS are of the firm belief that global warming is cyclical, and there is no substantial, conclusive evidence, to back up the statement that we are heading towards a 'runaway climate' scenario.

There is significant evidence to suggest the our climate is dominated by cyclical patterns.
...nature and the Earth in general has re balanced affairs as it ages, and whereas man has had an influence on the climate, there remains no outright conclusive evidence that within the next hundred year or so, temperatures will continue to climb and even if they do, they will plateau out, and cool down again.
Jonathan Powell
Senior Weather Forecaster  [Via Greenie Watch]

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