Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A chilling effect on a warming theory : A Few Things Ill Considered
The thing about weather is its variability from one day to the next is easily up to several hundred times that of climate from one year to the next. When we expect to see a trend in global temperatures of .2 over ten years it is really quite easy to still get record breaking cold snaps. Broke the record by a whopping 15 degrees, did we? Just imagine, without global warming we would have broken it by 15.2! (You see what I mean).
models predict that we will still see the occasional record cold day in one spot or another all the way out to 2100.
Graham's Cap-And-Trade Pronouncement Reframes Hill Debate -
"This started with the planet is heating up and Iowa is going to become beachfront property," [Lindsey Graham] said. "Now people go around not saying that much. I think they've oversold the consequences to climate change, to global warming. And the momentum around this large cap-and-trade bill to save the planet has been replaced by a business model: How do we create jobs and stay ahead of the Chinese and clean up the air? Once you start changing your perspective from 'Iowa is going to be beachfront property' to 'How do you create jobs and clean up the air?' you have a completely different focus."
"Advice I have is [the U.S. bill] is likely to seriously erode creation of an international carbon market," Greg Hunt, a spokesman for the country's climate opposition team, told The Age newspaper.

Opponents in the United States said they do not think the rhetoric shift will make much of a difference.

"Cap and trade or a first cousin of cap and trade won't pass this year, in my judgment," said Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), who renewed his call for an energy-only bill.
American Thinker Blog: Al Gore Tries To Make Lemonade With Climategate Lemons
Actually, Al Gore welcomes anything that will help keep attention diverted from the ultimate goal of the IPCC to fleece billions from developed countries while lining his own pockets as, " investor in alternative energy companies."
[Graham: Let's make gasoline so expensive that people are willing to buy expensive, unreliable, range-limited, possibly coal-powered cars that take hours to "refill"?] -
"It really increases gas prices dramatically more than consumers can bear," Graham said. "The goal is to price carbon on the transportation side in a way that'd allow alternative vehicles to become more attractive to the consumer, and to manufacturers."

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susan said...

Lindsey Graham knows he is selling a fraud. He has not hidden that fact, delighting the Davos crowd with how he fools republicans into buying into the scam (such as let us just beat the Chinese and have clean air). I would like to know why Graham and others like him are not arrested. This is organized crime and arrests must begin.