Sunday, March 28, 2010

Florida poll: [For alarmists, more bad news from a critical swing state] -
For months, Nelson has been a holdout against Obama's so-called ``cap-and-trade'' legislation designed to reduce carbon emissions to halt the effects of climate change. Nelson is particularly opposed to an effort to change the bill to open up the waters off Florida to oil drilling.

But the entire premise of the legislation might be misguided in the public mind, according to the poll. Only 35 percent believe global warming is proved, while 57 percent say it isn't an established fact. By a 34-50 percent spread, voters oppose the cap-and-trade legislation. And five times as many voters believe it will raise the cost of fuel

One reason cap-and-trade legislation is failing is because voters are losing faith in Obama, who is a victim of their dislike over healthcare reform. The poll of 625 registered voters has a 4 percent error-margin.

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