Monday, March 08, 2010

Global Warming Alarmism is a Grave Threat to our Liberty | Václav Klaus
My lifelong experience tells me that I have to start protesting very loudly when someone tells me: “Don’t trust the market, trust me and us.” This is what I had been hearing for 40 years of my life under communism and I am not ready to accept it now. The belief in the possibility of controlling the Earth’s climate by reducing the anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide, I call it the theory of climate control, is as irrational, arrogant and pretentious as the communist planning that people like me were objects of for so many years.
[How many hurricanes will this scheme prevent?]: Lending Scheme to Bring Solar to Cambodia’s Poor - Green Inc. Blog -
Customers can go for a small solar-powered lantern, which aims to replace kerosene lighting at a cost of $25, or they can purchase a complete solar home system, which ranges from $199 for a 20-watt array to $599 for 80 watts.

The lantern comes with a one-year warranty, while the panel systems are covered for 20 years.

“This should create less dependency on fossil fuels for power,” said Mr Verschelling. “We are trying to do something about climate change.”
[Twenty years from now, will these people still be completely satisfied with a maximum of 80 watts?]
Most hair dryers are rated at least 800 watts to as much as 1875 watts. Given that, a 500 watt generator will NOT run a hair dryer. You would need at least a 2000 watt generator, just be be on the safe side.
[By the way, if you're thinking about running your electric car using your 80-watt rooftop solar panels, does the math work?]
There is 745 watts per horsepower. So if a small 90 horsepower car could cruise at 60 mph at 1/3 its max output you would have 30 HP x 745 watts/HP = 22,371 watts.

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Solar Power in any form for all intents and purposes is really just toy power.