Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Gettin' Hot in Here: The Big Battle Over Climate Science | Global Warming | DISCOVER Magazine
[Q] Who might have done the hacking?
[Michael Mann] It appears to have been extremely well orchestrated, a very professional job. There also appears to have been a well-organized PR campaign that was all ready to go at the time these e-mails were released. And that campaign, involving all sorts of organizations that have lobbied against climate change legislation, has led some people to conclude that this is connected to a larger campaign by special interests to attack the science of climate change, to prevent policy action from being taken to deal with the problem.
[Q] Judith Curry has been an outspoken critic of your work and of a lot of climate researchers in general.
[Mann] Did you ask Judith to turn over her e-mails from the past three years? Once she does that, then she’s in a position to judge other scientists. Until she does that, she is not in a position to be talking about other scientists. Glass houses. Look, I’ll just say this. I’ve received e-mails from Judith that she would not want to be made public.
[Q] What is the worst-case scenario? Are we talking about the risk of our demise as a species?
[Mann] That’s what scares me, yeah.


goodspkr said...

When ever I see Michael Mann's name by something, I realize whatever he is talking about will shortly be shown to be wrong. This man is the most dishonest or sloppy scientist working today.

Anonymous said...

It's the end of the line for Mann

Anonymous said...

What a bafoon! When you are burning taxpayer dollars then we have a right to review the work we're paying for, i.e. FOIA. We have no right to Judith's emails on the subject unless she is working for the taxpayer. From his statements Mann is extremely childish and petty. How did he ever get a reputation as an esteemed "scientist".

Anonymous said...

For all his claims about Curry it's certainly interesting that her name did not figure in the emails.

Anonymous said...

But according to Mann it seems that everyone that has completed grade school is a professional.

Obviously he don't know much about so called hackers. Usually people don't need hack anything since most every system has an open door.

And we can now expect Mann to deliver all his emails as well, what with all his complaining. Glass houses was it?

Lastly, of course he fears dying before his time, everyone does, but most don't dwell on it so much so as to start develop a mental disease and defect.

Your truly,

One very dandy character