Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Marketing group paid by Oxfam analyzes climate realists

Note from Profero, a unique, global marketing agency
A small group of dedicated people coming from a diverse range of positions and perspectives but working together as a loose federation held together by shared values and beliefs succeeded in accomplishing the most impressive PR coup of the 21st century.

The climate change sceptics did this by significantly influencing public perception of anthropogenic global warming by single-mindedly applying concerted and consistent pressure at critical junctures in the media ecology here in the UK and abroad.


L Nettles said...

Army of Davids

Co2 Insanity said...

I think people have done a terrific job. But the warmers are not going to give up...they'll be back and we need to keep our eyes open. Al Gore George Soros, et all will not give up easy because it's costing them billions.

Unknown said...

Good job so far.
But don't get complacent.
There is huge money involved, so they will not ever accept reality just because it is FACT.
They know it was nonsense from the start.
Keep the pressure on. Propaganda needs to be fought right down to the end.
The ruth can win. But not just because it is true.
When this much money is involved, battles must be won, one at a time.

Anonymous said...

After four months of patrolling the jungles of AGW... an oversimplification of this issue requires that; for the Deniers to claim any form of victory, the funders of AGW need to be tried publicly in the world court and convicted for their terrorist acts against mankind. With the lies they have used against free people everywhere, using their power to push the votes that would tax and enslave us with Cap-n-Trade. A carbon tax on a carbon based life form...just to live. This and all the rest of the lies that have become the UN, as well as our elected officials who swear to protect us & the Constitution must be addressed first. Soros & the lites, gotta do the perp walk or we are just blowing smoke. You know it's true.

Anonymous said...

The Truth usually wins out, no matter how well-placed the proponents of a lie may be. People instinctively know something does not smell right about the alarmists claims, starting with their most basic premise that an infinitesimally segment of the atmosphere has such a dramatic affect. On its face, it doesn't fly.

Sometimes common sense DOES carry the day!