Monday, March 08, 2010

On global warming, the science is "solid" | Viewpoints, Outlook | - Houston Chronicle
There is no question that natural causes, such as changes in energy from the sun, natural cycles and volcanoes, continue to affect temperature today. Human activity has also increased the amounts of tiny, light-scattering particles within the atmosphere. But despite years of intensive observations of the Earth system, no one has been able to propose a credible alternative mechanism that can explain the present-day warming without heat-trapping gases produced by human activities.
This "explanation" is the heart of the global warming swindle.  We know that for billions of years, 100.0% of Earth's temperature fluctuations could not have been caused by man. We know that today's fluctuations are anthropogenic because of...cough-mumble.

Melt: Global Warming Exhibition
I presented 25 artists within Second Life with a concept of creating art with these words in mind: Drowning. Melting. Polar bears. Arctic. Culpability. Corporate greed. Inevitability. Extinction.
What they have done is breathtaking and beyond any realm of my expectations.
[Diabolical CO2: Our cities will be under water, and there won't be enough water for beer]
A report by Times Online has shown that a global water crisis is creating panic among many industries, and is likely to be of particular harm to brewers with a pint of beer containing 95 percent water.
Freak snow storm covers southern France |
Eight of France's departments were placed on snow alert Monday morning, when an unusually late cold snap caused heavy snowfall in the south of the country. Authorities are advising people not to travel, after around 250 motorists had to be towed from snow-blocked roads.
Such snowfall is "exceptional", especially at the beginning of March, according to national weather bureau Météo France.

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