Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Question 10 - Candidate Forum - 2010 Election - Board of Directors - Sierra Club
The recent, substantial decline in the Club’s membership should be a matter of great concern, as I have reminded the Board repeatedly.
Let’s Talk About It: Discussing the Science and Politics of Global Warming - The Learning Network Blog -
After the activity, explain that the statements were taken or adapted from Vice President Al Gore’s recent Op-Ed article published by The New York Times. In class, students will read his piece and then hold a mock talk show to explore and discuss varying perspectives on the issues and ideas Mr. Gore brings up. They will also discuss other global warming questions they have or they think society is talking and concerned about.
For a more skeptical viewpoint, students might go to the blog Watts Up with That? or And the Times blogs Dot Earth and Green Inc. not only cover issues related to global warming, but also provide “blogrolls” with links to other sources.


Jim Watson said...

If the Sierra Club had long ago distanced itself from jet-setting hypocrates like Gore, they might not find themselves in this situation.

If they had stuck to science and not to stardom, they wouldn't have been caught in this colossal trap they set for themselves.

Anonymous said...

The club took a radical bank left in choosing Michael Brune to "lead" the organization. His past organization has been exposed to have been built on a house of deceit, and his current efforts to offer his thoughts on things line public worker unions in Wisconsin are turning off the old guard--and hardly attracting new blood. He steadfastly refuses to consider global impacts of killing off American industries--jobs that are lost to dirtier factories overseas.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to have been a member of the Sierra Club for 25 tears. The club is has been taken over by fanatics whose religion is extreme environmentalism. I am no longer a member.