Monday, April 05, 2010

Al's Journal : Logging Company Takes a Pro-Climate [Scam] Stand
It’s time to put to bed the myth that climate legislation will be harmful to our economy. Passing clean energy and green jobs legislation is not only an environmental necessity, it is an economic one as well.
Climategate – The Guardian Exposes The AGW Scam By Mistake « Tory Aardvark
Written from his ivory office in Monbiot towers Garman is upset at what he sees as the betrayal of the Church of Climatology, not for one moment would he consider that the real “crime” here is not the betrayal of his dubious religion, but the blatant wealth redistribution and subsequent job loses and energy poverty that they want to inflict on the people of Britain.
Al Fin: "Smart Grid" An Open Door to Hacker Mischief
The threat is not just to your home, or to 15,000 homes. The threat is to the entire grid, via self-propagating computer worms that could initiate a cascading power failure over large areas of North America.
- Bishop Hill blog - What is the consensus based upon?
The FT changes tune slightly and admits there might be a tiny problem with climatology. The walls are not exactly tumbling down yet, but it may be that the Pink'un is struggling to hold the line.

Interestingly, they tell us that the IPCC needs to "give weight to all the evidence, not just the consensus". This appears to be an admission that the "consensus" is (a) not a consensus and (b) is based on a partial selection of the available evidence.
ClimateWire: South African coal plant proposal strains 'culture' of World Bank
Opponents are leaning hard on the United States to cast one of its rare but potent "no" votes, shining a spotlight on the secretive World Bank decisionmaking process, in which critical choices are made behind closed doors and, analysts say, diplomatic sensitivities mingle with an institutional drive to approve loans.

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