Thursday, April 15, 2010

Funny stuff: Almost simultaneously, Obama and Kerry make massively conflicting claims about China

Obama: China must act on climate change -
SYDNEY (AP) - U.S. President Barack Obama says the world cannot wait for China to commit to tackling global warming.

Obama was speaking in an interview with Australian television broadcast Thursday ahead of a trip to Asia next month.

Asked specifically about China's commitment to curbing greenhouse emissions, Obama told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that the impulse of the Asian giant's leaders at the moment was to let developed countries deal with the problem first.

He said that "the point we have tried to make is that we can't allow China to wait."
[Flashback all the way to April 12, 2010]: Kerry: U.S. Must Lead on Climate Change - Roll Call
Other countries are rushing ahead while policymakers in the United States try to reach a consensus on how to proceed forward to an economy fueled by clean and sustainable energy sources. China, in particular, is moving rapidly to become the leader of the global clean energy economy. The Chinese just raised auto efficiency standards to 36.7 miles per gallon, higher than our new target for 2016. Today its renewable capacity is only 2 percent less than the United States, and it is set to grow rapidly from almost 10 percent of its energy use to 15 percent by 2020. And last year, for the first time, Chinese investment in renewable energy exceeded ours, skyrocketing 50 percent.

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