Thursday, April 15, 2010

Green Party election manifesto sets out £73bn of tax rises - Telegraph
The Green Party launched its election manifesto pledging to raise more than £73 billion in their first year by taxing drivers, foreign holidays and higher earners.
Climate change: always room for doubt - Telegraph
A majority of scientists maintain that global warming is a man-made phenomenon. However, they must be prepared to acknowledge that there is another view, for which evidence can also be adduced, even if it seems to conflict with the received wisdom. The findings of the Oxburgh inquiry are not an excuse for again closing down the climate-change debate to the exclusion of those who take a sceptical attitude to what is arguably the most important issue facing the world.
The environment: not an election issue | George Monbiot | Comment is free |
As the three main political parties focus on the economy, green issues have hardly featured in the election debate
Comments On The Peer-Review Journal Publication Process And Recommedations For Improvement « Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr.
Based on my experience as an Editor [e.g. as Chief Editor of the Monthly Weather Review and Co-Chief Editor of the Journal of Atmospheric Science], if an editor adopts the policy of rejection when just one reviewer recommends rejection, but the other reviewer(s) do not, he has inappropriately suppressed a paper that could be an important scientific contribution. Such a policy is ripe for abuse as we have seen documented in the experience of Ross McKitrick.
Popular Correcting misinformation about the journal Energy & Environment
A frequent source of contention in the global warming debate is the existence of skeptical peer-reviewed papers. These have been overwhelmingly proven to exist. Once confronted with this inconvenient truth, alarmists have desperately tried to discredit the journals that dare publish these papers. One of these is the journal Energy & Environment. This is a reference correcting misinformation about this journal.

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