Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Al Gore's Carbon Footprint Gets Even Bigger - Minnesotans For Global Warming
[Video] BTW If you look closely at the lamps in the lighting fixtures they ALL appear to be incandescents!
State attorney general demands ex-professor's files from University of Virginia
But Mark R. Levin, president of the Landmark Legal Foundation, a leading group challenging climate change science, said Cuccinelli's inquiry is logical given his suit against the Environmental Protection Agency.

"There is no scientific consensus on global warming or Mann's influence on global warming, if indeed it is occurring," Levin said. "The federal government is relying on junk science. So it's perfectly reasonable the attorney general is raising these issues."
Climate Common Sense: Cuccinelli v Mann - The Debate Rages!
Unfortunately Mann and his associates have taken a major place in a political exercise and for Steve Mac to say this may only be academic misconduct is naive in the extreme. The cheques being written on the basis of research by Mann and his cronies stagger the imagination ,and with trillions of dollars at stake , Cuccinello is playing hardball to get information denied by the machinations of a cadre of politically motivated scientists.
Mann dealt himself in when he and Jones et al contrived to subvert the peer review process to prevent opposing views being considered in the biggest political and financial decions of our times. Cuccinello is definitely playing politics and he is good at it , and in this case the end does justify the means.
Rudd hasn’t the guts to tackle climate change: Abbott - Environment - News | Mosman Daily
“This is the most spectacular policy backflip in 50 years and it is because the Prime Minister will not face up to an election which is a referendum on his great big new tax on everything,’’ [Abbot] said.
Twitter / Gavin Newsom
We can't let oil companies destroy our growing green economy. Help me support #AB32, CA's climate change law: http://bit.ly/bbYFll

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