Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just in time for the release of the global warming hoax bill: "Gore Effect" for much of the US?

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We have a freaking winter weather alert in #Boulder. In May. Saying up to 12" of snow o'night. IN MAY! Damn you, Al Gore!
Weather Talk: Month ranks as No. 25 on list of coldest Mays | INFORUM | Fargo, ND
Although the first 10 days of May have averaged around 8 degrees below average, it may surprise you to learn that this month only ranks as the 25th coldest of the 130 Mays of recordkeeping.
Winery estimates $400,000 loss due to frost | Virginia
Fabbioli estimates the total damage to be $400,000, including not only the grapes that were lost but also the wines that will not be made or sold in 2010.
“We live and die by Mother Nature and we at Fabbioli will use this situation to learn more about our climate and the protection methods that will need to be available so we can avoid some of this damage in the future,” Fabbioli said in a press release issued by Loudoun’s Department of Economic Development.

Two February blizzards and numerous frosts have presented the vineyard with more production challenges than previous years, Fabbioli said.
New York: Low temperatures threaten local crops
Farm co-owner Iva Liebig said the temperature dropped to 24 degrees in West Pawlet as of 6 a.m., but the family believed the irrigation helped stave off problems.
She said the May 11 hard freeze was the latest she could remember.
Minnesota - Frost Hard on Crops
(ABC 6 NEWS) -- If you ignored sound advice and decided not to cover your delicate outdoor plants last weekend, you might have fallen victim to an early-May frost.
Frost hits Maine’s berry and apple crops - Bangor Daily News
MACHIAS, Maine — It’s a “nervous time” over at Albert Tate's third-generation strawberry farm in Corinth. Pockets of frost hit much of Maine on Monday night, and another frost was predicted for Tuesday night. With many berry bushes and fruit trees blooming two to three weeks earlier than usual this spring, a dangerous frost could easily wipe out a harvest.
Travel Tricky In Snowy Sierra - KCRA Sacramento
PLACER COUNTY, Calif. -- A wallop of spring snow made for some tricky driving conditions Monday in the Sierra.

"I am shocked. It looks like Christmas up here," one driver said.

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