Tuesday, May 25, 2010

They think you're stupid: You owe money to scammers because it's allegedly too warm on Mt Everest

Melting Everest hard to climb
KATMANDU - A NEPALESE Sherpa [bought and paid-for Apa] who climbed Mount Everest for a record 20th time said on Tuesday that the melting of glacier ice along its slopes due to global warming is making it increasingly difficult to climb the peak.
Flashback: Climate for Life, a WWF Campaign: CFL Ambassadors Apa and Dawa on “European Expedition” to raise awareness on Climate Change in the Himalayas | Facebook
19 November 2009, Kathmandu – Legendary mountaineer Apa Sherpa and Everest summiteer Dawa Steven Sherpa set off on a European Expedition through 10 European cities starting from Prague, through Brno, Bratislava, London, Rome, Geneva, Chamonix, Vienna, Brussels and finally to Copenhagen to raise awareness about impacts of Climate Change in the Himalayas.
How many dead bodies are up on Mount Everest?
Mount Everest is both the highest mountain and the highest graveyard in the world. As of 2002, 175 climbers had died on the mountain, and the vast majority of these bodies were left behind. There are reported to be at least 41 bodies on the north side of Everest.

Some people simply run out of gas on the trail and freeze to death in place. Others are consumed by avalanches. And, as veteran mountaineer David Breashears points out, removing dead bodies from this elevation is an enormous task.
Mt. Everest Information
What is the temperature high on Everest?
At the summit, the temperature can be 100°F below zero. But on a good summit day, a climber can expect around -15°F
Dangers of Mt. Everest
Frostbite is one of the most common dangers on Mt. Everest. It normally happens to hands or feet. It happens from not keeping different body parts warm enough. The frostbite will make the body part turn to a blackish blue color. If the frostbite goes to far without being treated the body part that has it will probably have to be amputated.
Four days of warming made all the difference | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
May 26: Sherpa says climate change is making Everest harder to climb.

May 22: 13-year-old Californian youngest to top Everest

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