Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another orchestrated, well-financed climate hoax campaign

Groups Launch $2M Ad Campaign as Senate Sprints to July Floor Debate on Climate [Hoax] Bill -
A coalition of environmental, liberal and union groups today launched a series of television ads blasting senators who supported a failed bid to block U.S. EPA climate regulations and praising others who opposed the effort.
The initial $2 million advertising campaign is the first from the League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Action Fund and Service Employees International Union, in what they say will be an $11 million campaign aimed at prodding the Senate to pass a comprehensive energy and climate bill.
The ads depict an oil-slicked politician being pulled out of the ocean, and accuse the senators of being "showered" in campaign cash from Big Oil while opposing EPA regulations that would "hold polluters accountable." As cleanup workers try to wash the oil off the politician, the narrator says: "We're trying our best out here, but until he supports clean energy climate legislation, I don't think we can save him."
Why don't the ads depict a rose trying to survive in clean air containing 500 ppm CO2?

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