Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eric Pooley (EricPooley) on Twitter
# "If the Senate defeats the bill," @algore told me in Copnhagn, "that is an event horizon beyond which it is difficult to see.”..
# Duke Energy's Jim Rogers saw #climate as a business opportunity. “I made money on sulfur, and I’ll make money on carbon [dioxide].” ...
# “By any measure that matters,” @algore said during a quiet conversation in Bali, "we haven’t done a damned thing.”...
Global Warming Or Gullible Warning? « The Jittery Goat
We are never going to get two scientists to agree on what way to place a roll of toilet paper in the roller, let alone agree on whether the earth is getting colder, warmer, or about the same. Believe me, if there was more money in unrolling toilet paper from the top, there would be a study to prove it is healthier.
Living on Earth: The White House Battle for a Climate Message
POOLEY: Well I think that politics is all about timing, and that the time for Obama to act really was 2009, that the window was beginning to slam shut and now it's really more about whether Obama can pry the window open again.

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