Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Challenging ice conditions in the Arctic
Several sailboats will try to go through the Northwest and Northeast Passage this Arctic summer. It is not a given that they succeed, says Arctic ice expert and adventurer Knut Espen Solberg.
Dems press Reid to put renewable power standard in energy bill - The Hill's E2-Wire
But Reid said Saturday that he doesn’t see a filibuster-proof vote for an RES, which has long been a pillar of Democratic energy plans. “I don’t think I have 60 votes to get that done,” Reid said at the progressive Netroots Nation conference in Las Vegas.
Election Campaign Overlooks Climate Change
The climate change consensus collapsed, eventually, in part because of the so-called Climategate emails which, according to flying wedge of conservative columnists, conspiracy nutters and right-wing blog monkeys, proved there was a vast, evil network of corrupt scientists and bureaucrats milking the ''myth'' of climate change to secure funding and power.
...when the seas rise those refugee bastards will be able to sail right up to your front door.
Supporters plead for national RES in the US Senate energy bill
In a letter to Reid, 17 signatories including the American Wind Energy Association and Sierra Club made a grim prediction if the 100-seat Senate did not act now on a national RES.

“Without immediate passage, hundreds of thousands of future jobs in the clean energy sector could be lost and surrendered to other countries forever,” they wrote.  [Wait, what?  That's the grim prediction?  Where's the part about CO2 turning the Earth into an uninhabitable fireball?]
Also signing the letter were Environment America, League of Conservation Voters; Natural Resources Defense Council; Pew Environment Group; Union of Concerned Scientists; Biomass Power Association; Energy Recovery Council; National Hydropower Association; RES Alliance for Jobs; AES Corporation; NextEra Energy Resources and Xcel Energy.

The United Steelworkers, Utility Workers Union of America and Blue Green Alliance, a coalition of union and environmental groups, also added their names.

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