Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Friedman: We'll get good deals on electric cars by 2012! We should make "small sacrifices" to stop global warming! Republicans have beach houses! A massive new tax would be good for our economy!

Thomas Friedman - What 7 Republicans Could Do for America - NYTimes.com
But, hey, by 2012, China should pretty much own the clean-tech industry and we’ll at least be able to get some good deals on electric cars.
Unfortunately, Obama and the Democrats never effectively fought back. They should have said: “O.K., you Republicans don’t believe in global warming? Fine. Forget about global warming. That’s between you and your beach house..."
...The Republican view of fighting the war on terrorism is that rather than ask all of us to make a small sacrifice to weaken our foes and buttress our troops, we should ask only a few of us to make the ultimate sacrifice.
What if the G.O.P. said: We will support a carbon tax provided one-third of the revenue goes toward cutting corporate taxes, one-third toward cutting payroll taxes for every working American and one-third toward paying down the deficit.  [After 3/3 of the revenue is spent this way, how much is left for inventing magical energy sources so that our children don't roast in hellfire?]
[Speaking of small sacrifices] What is Thomas Friedman's Ecological Footprint? - Go Green - SustainLane
A few years ago, the Friedmans bought a seven-and-a-half-acre lot in Bethesda, Maryland. They tore down the existing house, and built an eleven-thousand-square-foot replacement...

Where's the Price Signal? | Thomas L. Friedman
For most of his book, Friedman talks about a global economy, but for the chapter on "price signals", it seems it's all about American prices, American taxes and cap-n-trade, and American clean-fuel innovation! In Europe, gas prices are much higher than here in the U.S. and yet, no wonderful new clean-fuel technologies have been invented over there.
Flashback - Show Us the Ball - NYTimes.com
So American economic renewal is the goal, but mitigating climate change would be the great byproduct.

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