Friday, July 30, 2010

Packed With Drafty Old Buildings, E.U. Pushes for Energy-Neutral Designs -
In another bid to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, the European Union is requiring all new buildings to produce nearly as much energy as they consume starting in 2020.
Adrian MacNair: Carbon tax pie in the sky | Full Comment | National Post
Carbon trading manipulation can lead to people “playing the market” in order to earn millions of dollars, and would pave the way for “green lobbyists” trying to get the government to subsidize their industries. None of that will do anything toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s just moving a fictitious commodity price around.

It’s particularly disturbing that the federal Conservatives are entirely on board with this scheme. They must realize how poorly the European carbon market has fared, and how much it will affect the common taxpaying mule. Yet we still have Jim Prentice representing the Conservative Party’s continued policy of pandering to pie-in-the-sky ideas that have absolutely nothing to do with stopping global warming, whether that be real or fictitious.
The End of the Cap-and-Trade Masquerade Opens New Doors For Investors
The revelation last October that many of the scientists involved in climate-change research had tweaked the data to improve their case was not surprising. The climate-change industry has over the last two decades been rewarded with huge government grants and massive media sympathy. And since some scientists, like anybody else, can be fallible human beings, it wasn't a surprise that some had papered over flaws in their arguments. Needless to say, it was therefore a relief when the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change last December failed to produce a meaningful agreement based on that data.
Ind. State Fair to include climate change [hoax] exhibit -
Fairgoers visiting the "Altered Earth" exhibit can learn how humans are contributing to climate change and how they can help reduce global warming.

The display will explore climate, weather and global warming with the "Climate Kids."

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