Monday, August 02, 2010

How Washington failed on climate change
The effects of climate change won’t be dire for years; and Congress, with its frequent elections, isn’t good at accepting short-term pain for long-term gain.

With few exceptions, Republicans have behaved shamefully on climate issues in this Congress, opposing policies that their party embraced in the 1990s (think cap-and-trade). Yet none of them will pay a price in November, and many GOP challengers will benefit.
Stephen Stromberg is deputy opinions editor of From the Washington Post
[Flashback: Remember when Gore claimed that the effects of climate change were already dire in 2003?]: Al Gore, Preacher Man
(Europe's killer heat waves of 2003 were "a nature hike through the Book of Revelations.")
The "truth" about global warming - Washington Post
Many climate-change skeptics will simply dismiss these reports as more evidence of a sprawling conspiracy instead of what they really are: yet more affirmation of the risks humanity runs if it continues to pump carbon into the atmosphere.
Peru braces for 7th cold wave this winter - People's Daily Online
A cold snap is gripping tropical jungles and coastal areas in central Peru starting Sunday, as the region shivers in its winter season, reported Peru's national meteorological department.
"Cold weather would cause severe respiratory diseases to residents living in the tropical jungle areas," added Loayza.

Peruvians are suffering the coldest winter in nearly five decades, with the temperatures in large parts of the country dropping to record lows. In the capital city of Lima, temperatures have dipped to lower than eight degrees Celsius.

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