Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Huffington Post article suggests that CO2 causes volcanoes

Climate Change Disasters: Are These Events Of 'Global Weirding' Related To Global Warming? (PHOTOS)
From raging heat waves and wildfires to massive floods and building-swallowing sinkholes, 2010 is quickly becoming known as the year of 'global weirding.' [Of the last 2000 years, specifically which years were less weird than 2010?]
[Caption for their seventh of nine photos] While volcano eruptions aren't out of the ordinary, when Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull blew in March, the subsequent amount of ash clogging the air ended up costing airlines $1.7 billion due to halted flights, the AP reports. Scientists fear that other volcanoes could be triggered by melting glaciers, and eruptions like the one in Iceland may become more commonplace as the effects of climate change exacerbate, according to PhysicsWorld.


Anonymous said...

It is more complicated than that: Actually, it is a combination of global warming and growing anti-Semitism!

Unknown said...

Global warming is the biggest lie ever invented. Its all about making you pay taxes. Come on, how is it that people breathing causes global warming? Dont you get it? You exhale CO2 and your going to let them charge you for breathing? All these sites that back global warming are part of the agenda - Miguel from Prepare Radio