Thursday, August 05, 2010

Snow in Brazil, below zero Celsius in the River Plate and tropical fish frozen — MercoPress
In related news, reports from landlocked Bolivia indicate that to the east of the country in tropical areas temperatures plummeted to zero causing “millions of dead fish” in rivers that normally flow in an environment of 20 Celsius.

Santa Cruz governor Ruben Costas said the province was suffering a “major environmental catastrophe” and warned the population not to make use of water from rivers (because of the dead fauna and flora) promising to send drinking water in municipal trucks.

“The last time something of this magnitude happened was 47 years ago”, said governor Costas.
Garnaut hits at failure on climate change [hoax] policy | The Australian
PROMINENT adviser to the Labor government Ross Garnaut has attacked both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.
"Leadership is an essential missing ingredient in contemporary public policy," he said. "Omitted, all the voyage of our lives is bound in shallows and miseries."
Eight House Republicans, After Carrying Climate [Swindle] Effort Last Year, Fend Off Attacks -
It's clear, however, that the House climate bill, offered by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Edward Markey (D-Mass.), is politically threatening to even Democrats.

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Rogério Penna said...

this was the largest snowstorm in southern Brazil since 1994... that is, since the internet began to became popular worldwide.

that must be why the world is thinking this is strange... only because they never heard of snow in Brazil before, doesnt means it never happens. In fact, there are snows in southern Brazil every winter.

also, this week´s snow PALES in comparassion with blizzards we had in the past. In 1879, there was an accumulation of 2 meters in Vacaria. In 1957, an accumulation of 1.5 meters in São Joaquim.