Saturday, September 04, 2010

Has Pachauri sealed his fate? In a new interview, he still claims that the IPCC made only *one* error; he also suggests that all of the 2,300 DC climate lobbyists were *against* the climate hoax

Oil firms played foul
I was merely an emblem of the larger issue that these people wanted to harm and damage over the so-called errors in the IPCC’s fourth assessment report. Except for one error, which we ourselves acknowledged about the Himalayan glaciers, the doubts raised have proved to be unfounded.
The Centre for Public Integrity in Washington, DC, came out with a report in 2009, according to which lobbyists in Washington had been put in charge of a mission to thwart climate change talks.
There are 2,300 lobbyists whose sole responsibility is to topple the talks. The report has estimated that around 770 companies are funding these people. So there are four lobbyists for every member of Congress, and a big money interest is involved.
We have always encouraged a healthy debate that is based on reliable information.
In our reports, we have always included articles that have a point of view that is different from ours. However, these articles should have a published record, should be scholarly and should have been published in peer-reviewed journals.
There are those who misinform and misrepresent facts. While their number is dwindling, their decibel level is high and hence they get a lot of attention.

[Q] Where do the sceptics get their funding from?
Again, I would like to refer to the report of the Centre for Public Integrity. A report in The Times of London on July 19 talked about some oil companies funding a group of sceptics. It is perhaps those who feel threatened, such as fuel companies or automobile manufacturers, who fund these people.
[Q] How big a threat do the sceptics pose to the global talks to be held in Mexico?
Two weeks ago, I was in Mexico and met the president. The Mexican foreign minister was in Delhi recently. Mexico, in my expectation, is not going to achieve anything dramatic or revolutionary. But some steps forward will be taken. There is a certain level of realism, and most world leaders want action on climate change. - Energy Reform: Heavy Hitters Seek to Sway Cap and Trade Debate
In the five years since Congress last voted on climate change, there's been a 300 percent increase in the number of climate lobbyists, according to the Center for Public Integrity. There are now more than 2,300 lobbyists from 770 companies and organizations -- more than four lobbyists for every member of Congress.

And those lobbyists collected at least $90 million last year from 770 companies and organizations, including the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, a group of 48 firms that spent a total of $9.95 million exclusively on the issue.

The explosive growth in energy lobbying was reported last month by the Center for Public Integrity, which noted that just 45 percent of the interests now weighing in on the issue were energy companies and manufacturers, compared with 70 percent in 2003. Finance and investment firms, which had virtually no role in the debate in 2003, now have about as many lobbyists as alternative energy corporations, according to its report, "The Climate Change Lobby Explosion."

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Rajan Alexander said...

If Pachauri did not exist, we climate sceptics would have had to literally invent him. He is in fact every sceptic’s dream. How could we have asked for more when he embodies the UN Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in all completeness? Interestingly, he also strongly epitomizes the typical climate activist and their organizations that they are attached. Did he mould both in his image or its vice versa is however for history to judge.

Next month 194 governments of the IPCC are scheduled to meet in Busan, South Korea. This is where a plot to ouster Pachuari could be unleashed. Pachuari remains defiant: “At the moment, my mandate is very clear. I have to complete the fifth assessment” The Indian Government who Pachuari is their candidate is equally defiant, backing him to the hilt. If Pachauri goes, we leave the IPCC! And if India leaves the IPCC, it can trigger an exodus.

We launch our “Save Pachauri Campaign”. This is the least we can do for a Patriot of our country. He accomplished what climate sceptics were unable to do by functioning as our Trojan horse that effectively destroyed the IPCC from the inside. Write your support to Pachauri/TERI directly or pressurise WWF to executive an Adopt a Pachauri Programme as envisaged by sceptics.

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