Monday, September 20, 2010

John Vidal thinks you're stupid: It's allegedly too WARM in the mountains of Peru

Before long, it won't just be Peru's mountains that are high and dry | John Vidal | Global development |
Roberto: "It's definitely warmer, but it's also colder and drier. The extremes are greater. The rains used be from September to April. Now they are from December to the end of February. Frosts come at unusual times. The crops need more rain and they are getting smaller. We used to sell potatoes to other people; now we can only grow them for ourselves.

Angelina: "Our children get ill easier. They get pneumonia and bronchitis now".
2010: Peru's mountain people face fight for survival in a bitter winter | World news | The Observer
This year the neighbouring district of Puno saw a severe spike in child mortality as the winter brought months of high winds and relentless ice storms. Government figures record that more than 300 children died in Puno in May last year from the cold; NGOs say that the figure was probably much higher.
2002: Dozens freeze to death in freak Peru cold snap
Governments and relief agencies from around the world are rushing blankets, food and heavy clothing to southern Peru after a freak cold snap killed at least 59 people and left thousands of others freezing in icy temperatures believed to have been caused by an El Nino weather phenomenon.
2008: Peru declares state of emergency due to record-breaking cold spell : Peruvian Times
Peru President Alan Garcia enacted a legislative decree to declare a 60-day state of emergency in 11 of Peru’s 24 departments Thursday as temperatures in the Andes region continue to drop dramatically and claim the lives of residents.

As Peru remains in the grip of intense cold — meteorologists have registered temperatures dipping to -22°C, or 7.60 F — the cold weather death toll continues to rise. Sixty-one children have died since April 13.
2004: Prolonged cold snap in Peru causes deaths of 60 children, UNICEF says
27 July 2004 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working with communities in Peru to combat the effects of a cold snap which has killed scores of people as the country’s authorities struggle to deliver supplies to isolated mountain regions in the southern and central regions.
2007: Cold Snap in Peru Kills 70 Children, Media Couldn’t Care Less |
At least 70 children have died during a spell of freezing weather in the Andean regions of Peru, officials have said.

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