Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sun-Earth Coupling
Given the complexity of the atmosphere, and the ways the sun’s output can vary, it seems too sweeping to say that the observed small irradiance changes seen from the sun over a solar cycle can only account for a 0.1 deg C change in global annual average temperatures.
Harvard Code of Conduct Contrasts with Penn State and UVa
While this legal process plays out, the court of public opinion must wonder why the openness and direct dealing with such allegations exhibited by Harvard is not the model for the University of Virginia. Harvard is shown to be a scientifically open and self policing university; UVa is hiding behind its self -righteous claims of academic freedom and legal barricades. Whose research will the public more likely trust?
Pachauri admits the IPCC just guesses the numbers « JoNova
Such is the pressure finally beginning to bear on the IPCC that Pachauri has been forced into the ridiculous position of trying to rescue credibility by contradicting most of their past PR campaign. He’s taken the extraordinary step of admitting they don’t have hard numbers, hey, but it’s all OK because the IPCC is really a government agency to make policy, not to write scientific reports “that don’t see the light of day”.

So he’s admitting that the IPCC was all about policy prescriptions all along? And the science was just fudged-up window dressing to provide an excuse? Well, who would have guessed.
How Garrison Keillor warmed up a frozen fair grandstand |
How cold was it Friday for “A Prairie Home Companion” at the State Fair Grandstand?
So cold that concertgoers were wearing parkas, stocking caps and gloves. So cold that PHC pianist Richard Dworsky was wearing a winter top coat and scarf. So cold that the fair put up tall, flaming heaters and gave away free hot chocolate (they ran out by intermission) and coffee (which we thought was the drink of choice of Lutherans).

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