Saturday, September 11, 2010

UN totalitarians want your money and your life « JoNova
In charge of the worlds agenda? They want to control our weather, our money, our sources of power (is there anything much left?)

They really want to award the money you earned, to the people who didn’t, which includes their friends, their fans, and that enormous group of people who are about to become their friends. This is known as patronage. If you are the man handing out the money, you get the “thanks”. If you are the man forced to pay, your reward is to, not-get-jailed.
Die Klimazwiebel: Richard Tol challenges assertion by Ottmar Edenhofer in ZDF
...This assertion of the co-chair of Working Group III of the IPCC is at best peculiar if not outright false. In the following, I will back this statement in some detail, by demonstrating how specific conclusions from white publications, known to the IPCC lead authors, have been filtered out in support of a (false) claim of consensus in the Summary for Policymakers. At the time of his interview, Dr. Edenhofer was aware of these inconsistencies.
[You know what CO2 is like?  It's like a head-sized tumor growing out of your ear]: Climate Change - A Medical Parable in... | Gather
The tumor growing out your ear, the one you deny exists, is now the size of your head. But you've found a nice paper bag to cover it so have convinced yourself that no one notices.

Meanwhile the trained doctors have started to get more vocal in telling you that the tumor is getting worse and that you must do something about it. They show you more test results, time lapse videos of the enlarging tumor, photographs of your neighbors cringing at the sight of you. The evidence that you have a tumor is overwhelming. Even the one skeptic who is trained in the field is now admitting that the tumor exists.

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