Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breaking: Poor nations now need $300 billion a year for environmental cough-mumble

BBC News - Nature deal 'on knife-edge' as nations clash on money
France followed Japan in pledging funds for conservation; but the sums were well short of what poorer nations want.

Brazil is arguing that by 2020, $200bn per year should be made available for biodiversity conservation.

Flashback: Developing Nations Need $100 Billion Per Year for Climate Change
A report released on Wednesday by the World Bank has concluded that developing nations may need as much as $100 billion per year, until 2050, to help them adapt to climate change.

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gofer said...

Hey when you got a bunch of fools the poker game, you might as well go all in...I'm sure in a couple months it will be up to 500BN. They aren't going to let them share in their scam money...maybe some token bucks to shut them up, but not the big bucks.