Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Exploding Children in Eco-Group's Video Fails to Upset Liberal News Media
Heartland Institute president Joseph Bast told the Business & Media Institute he is concerned about potential attacks on skeptics – including those within his organization – stemming from this film.

“I was shocked when I saw this video, and immediately sent an email to all of Heartland’s staff warning them that it could encourage environmental extremists to physically attack us,” Bast said. “This overt call for violent action against global warming realists has absolutely no place in civilized dialogue on climate change, or any other public policy issue. Calling on others to consider using violence to silence those who disagree with you is itself an act of violence.”

Bast also said that the makers of the video are responsible for whatever “eco-terrorist acts” occur in the coming months. “We can only pray that no one gets hurt, and that similar acts of violence do not occur in the future.”
Good Lord. Climate Alarmists Are Hanging Children Now | All American Blogger
Ed Morrissey writes:
It’s a good way to avoid acknowledging that the AGW hysterics still haven’t built a single successful predictive model proving their assertions about future weather systems, still haven’t addressed the serious data gaps in their studies, still have Rajendra Pachauri at the head of the IPCC despite the serial scandals regarding their academic standards of inclusion in the report, and in general having offered little but apocalyptic posturing. Putting a noose around a little girl on an ice cube is all they really have.
Exactly. It’s called an appeal to emotion.
Lessons from the climate fight: Dem party leaders screwed the climate bill | Grist
The White House clearly didn't see any upside to the fight and wanted to avoid it.

All that sent a none-to-subtle message to Graham that the White House wasn't committed. Then, just to accentuate the point, the administration leaked to Fox that KGL was considering a "gas tax," an episode of outright ratf*cking that still hasn't gotten the attention and outrage it deserves.
The Current Wisdom | Cato @ Liberty
In fact, a major exhibition now at the prestigious Chicago Field Museum includes a 3-D model of Lower Manhattan under 16 feet of water—this despite the general warning from the James Titus, who has been EPA’s sea-level authority for decades:

Researchers and the media need to stop suggesting that Manhattan or even Miami will be lost to a rising sea. That’s not realistic; it promotes denial and panic, not a reasoned consideration of the future.

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