Monday, November 15, 2010

As the Warmists Turn: Brand and Lovelock losing their religion?

Stewart Brand: Fearless Follower of Lovelock, not science. | The Energy Collective
Stewart Brand has written an online Afterword intended to update his 2009 book Whole Earth Discipline. In it, Brand tells us that the scientist he trusts most about climate, James Lovelock, has “softened his sense of alarm about the pace of climate change”. Lovelock is now touting the gibberish of the climate denier Garth Paltridge, calling him a “sensible skeptic".
Brand’s views seem to have “softened” as well. E.g.: in a recent speech in Vancouver BC, Brand received a question from an audience member who was concerned because it was his understanding that Brand believed that “climate is going to get worse than we think faster than we think” who asked “can you expand on that?" Brand said: “um yeah I can expand on it by saying it might not be true” [2].

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