Tuesday, November 16, 2010

California leads 'subnational' summit climate push | Energy & Oil | Reuters
"The green movement is going full steam ahead without an international agreement," Schwarzenegger told the Governors' Global Climate Summit, with representatives from states and other "subnational" regions of countries including China, the United States, Indonesia, Mexico and Brazil.
By agreeing on standards in areas like advanced street lighting, they could create markets on their own terms, for example by requiring some element of local production, adviser Terry Tamminen said.
British Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking to the conference by satellite, agreed. He said there would be no binding agreement in Cancun and that states and nations could tempt skeptics into the fold.

"When other countries see the success of green growth and the green economy, even the laggards are going to say 'Hold on a second, I want a piece of this,'" he said.

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