Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a consensus: Every year's climate hoax talks are the Earth's "last chance"

2015: Paris "last chance for climate action"

2014: Lima is probably our last chance to get an effective global climate deal

2013: Is Warsaw a last chance climate summit?

2012: Doha last chance for a deal on climate change?

2011: Durban May Be Last Chance to Stabilise Climate Under Two Degrees
Without putting the brakes on carbon emissions very soon, large parts of Africa, most of Russia and northern China will be two degrees C warmer in less than 10 years.
2010: Climate Change Talks in Cancun a `Last Chance' for Gases Deal, Ramesh Says - Bloomberg
Global-warming talks later this month are the “last chance” for countries to reach an agreement on cutting emissions of gases blamed for rising temperatures, India’s environment minister said today.

“The credibility of the entire climate change negotiating system is at stake,” Jairam Ramesh told reporters at a meeting in Delhi. “If we do not get a set of operational and meaningful decisions at Cancun everybody will be sick and tired of us.”
2009 Copenhagen: Last chance - Times Online
It has been billed as the last-chance saloon; a final opportunity for the world to seal a deal to prevent catastrophic climate change.

With only 44 days to go until the meeting in Copenhagen, the world is waiting to see if its politicians can deliver, and live up to the hype.
2008 Poznan: Last chance
The Polish city of Poznan, host of this week's vital climate change talks, may become known as the place where the Earth was saved – or doomed
Summing up what many scientists, environmentalists and politicians now think about the threat of climate change is simple: the world is drinking in the last chance saloon.
2007 Bali : Last chance | Lena Ek
TALKS on a new international agreement on climate change are at a ”make or break” stage, Environment Minister John Gormley said yesterday.

Mr Gormley said it was the ”last chance saloon” for more than 180 countries to pledge to negotiate a deal on cutting emissions.

Speaking at the conference in Bali he said: ”The time for rhetoric is over.

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