Thursday, November 04, 2010

More exceedingly stupid stuff from the UN: As growth in fossil fuel use has improved the human condition, they argue that more growth in fossil fuel use will harm the human condition

UN report warns of threat to human progress from climate change | Global development | The Guardian
"For human development to become truly sustainable, the close link between economic growth and greenhouse gas emissions needs to be severed," the UN said in its annual human development report (HDR).

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the HDR said the past two decades had seen "substantial progress" in human development despite the impact of the financial crisis, which had resulted in 34 million people losing their jobs and an additional 64 million people dropping below the $1.25 a day income poverty threshold.

"Most people are healthier, live longer, are more educated and have more access to goods and services. Even in countries facing adverse economic conditions, people's health and education have greatly improved."

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