Saturday, November 20, 2010

New York Times Questions The Legality Of Climategate Leaks | Real Science
The Times policy seems to be that it is OK to leak military secrets (Ellsberg/Pentagon Papers, etc.) but not OK to leak the truth about climate science.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Claims of more intense cyclones/hurricanes from AGW take another blow
Tropical Cyclone Intensity Discrepancies (16 Nov 2010)
johnosullivan - Calling Bob Inglis - If Climatologists Were Doctors They’d Be Quacks
Inglis has since repeated his lame ‘doctor’ analogy to become the unexpected darling of climate alarmists. ThinkProgress first ran the story. But even a cursory analysis proves the Inglis analogy doesn’t hold water. Here’s why:

Medical professionals are required to undertake many years of training while most climatologists aren’t even qualified. Indeed, no climate scientist ever passed a basic degree in climatology.

Too many third raters weak in physics and higher math hide themselves in this infant, generalist-filled science; proof of this came from the official Climategate inquiries.

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