Sunday, December 05, 2010

Change: Climate hoax marches in Britain allegedly attracted 30,000 in 2006, then 10,000 in 2007, then "thousands" in 2009, then "hundreds" in 2010

Climate activists march for zero-carbon Britain / Britain / Home - Morning Star
With UN delegates meeting in Cancun, Mexico, to hammer out a deal to cut global warming, hundreds of people in Hyde Park formed themselves into a "2030" with a giant zero - the date by which campaigners want a zero-carbon Britain.
Global Climate Campaign
2009-5th Dec - National Demonstration, London

Thousands came together for the Climate Emergency Rally at the start of  the Uk's biggest day of climate protest, yet, on 5th December...
Global Day of Action 2007

On December 8th 2007, the London demonstration was a huge success. Despite rain, wind and freezing weather, about 10,000 people turned up to show their support.
Global Day of Action 2006

On November 4th 2006 30,000 or so took part in the the London demo which was a huge success with an overall turn out more than twice that of December 3rd 2005 when we had 10,000 on the streets of London.
[Dec 2010: Don't miss all the pictures of climate hoax believers here]: Climate Change Demonstrators march through London |
This afternoon a group of demonstrators gathered in Hyde Park, London, to get their message across to the government and the rest of Britain that The country should be carbon free by the year 2030. Before the march started, most the gathering got together for an arial photograph in the middle of Hyde Park while the remainder stood around talking and getting served hot food from one of the Hare Krishner that joined them on the march.

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