Monday, December 13, 2010

Grounds for hope for the climate change [scam] | George Soros | Environment |
The official communique from the CancĂșn climate change conference cannot disguise the fact that there will be no successor to the Kyoto protocol when it expires at the end of 2012. Japan, among others, has withdrawn its support for efforts simply to extend the Kyoto treaty.

This sounds like bad news, because it means that there will be no international price on carbon, and, without a market price, it is difficult to see how the reduction of carbon emissions can be efficiently organised. But appearances can be deceiving.
You saw through the EU, Boris. When are you going to see through AGW? – Telegraph Blogs
This isn’t going to be the last very cold winter we’re going to experience. We’re in for a 30 year cooling spell which, for quite a few reading this, means there will never in their lifetimes be another period of global warming. People are going to become increasingly frustrated with the disparity between what the bent scientists of the IPCC and their friends in big government tell us, and what reality tells us.
Bureaucrats Swindle Greens In Cancun | Via Meadia
As green negotiators in Cancun ended their embarrassing two-week junket (videos of partying bureaucrats did not go down well with voters in a northern hemisphere freezing in an early winter), it’s clear that the bureaucrats did what bureaucrats do: they kept a ‘process’ (job-creating bureaucratic gravy train) alive while doing little or nothing about the problem they were supposed to solve.
The Reference Frame: New director of the American Geophysical Union: Chris Mooney
How could the unlimited corruption of the AGU become more manifest than if a director is a person who has demonstrably no knowledge about the scientific discipline, or any scientific discipline, for that matter, and who doesn't even hold a minimal scientific degree?

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