Saturday, December 04, 2010

Rumours circulate at CancĂșn of plan to scrap Kyoto - The Irish Times - Sat, Dec 04, 2010
Meanwhile, Friends of the Earth activists built snowmen in the grounds of the Custom House in Dublin yesterday to demand that Minister for the Environment John Gormley delivers the Government’s promised climate Bill before leaving office.


Piers_Corbyn said...

These kids are brainwashed and are - let's get real - exhibiting mentally deficient behaviour.
I suggest they should watch a couple of VIDEOs
Frozen HELL WINTER Euro forecast -
ClimateWars - Make Mexico 2010 the last UNCO2 junket -

Katlyn said...

That is all these kids have been taught,this is there religion not baised on facts just faith

jayhdavis said...

What is really sad is that these kids don't even realize the irony of what they are doing - building a snowman to demand regulations against global warming!