Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ultra-alarmist Greg Craven: "in my short time at AGU, I discovered four scientists who are already creating some form of survival retreat for their family, and they told me there are many more"

AGU Fall Meeting. Part III: An Open Letter From Greg Craven | Climate Etc.
It might surprise, and hopefully disturb you, to hear that in my short time at AGU, I discovered four scientists who are already creating some form of survival retreat for their family, and they told me there are many more. But they are all too scared of being ostracized in the scientific community if they speak of it. It struck me that they aren’t even “in the closet” yet. They still think they are isolated freaks of nature, ashamed to share what they truly feel.
...I am filled with despair.   As a result of my time at AGU, I’ve decided to retire completely from continuing to pursue making a difference in the debate, and for my family’s sake I will focus instead on building our own lifeboat. And leave the debate to others.

I know that may confirm to many people that I have indeed gone off the deep end. And I grieve if the many people who have respected and helped me in spreading the videos and writing the book now feel betrayed. So be it. But, given the fact that those four scientists I mentioned were paleoclimatologists, with access to the newest and best data, and with their position of knowing more than any other discipline what the global climate is capable of doing, perhaps you shouldn’t assume I’m crazy. Or that my message has no merit.


Anonymous said...

I heard a prominent future Senator tell the president that if we didn't stop pumping CO2 into the air, New York and DC and Miami and the like would be underwater in 30 years. Since the president didn't heed his warning, I built this airtight bunker in which I have lived lo these many years.

The Senator was Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the President was Richard Nixon, and the year 1970. As it's now 10 years after the doomsday date, I had assumed all of humanity has drowned and I'm the only one left -- until I found this blog.

Anonymous said...

Put the alarmists on a rocket and send them to another planet.

LuboŇ° Motl said...

That's so cute! I wish all of them followed Craven's example. As Craven essentially said, the danger is infinite for you - Hansen et al. - so you should better not spend a single microsecond and instead, you should build a Noah's Rocket Ark to shoot yourself and everyone of your ilk somewhere to the Moon on one day, so that you save yourself from the Earth that is so catastrophically different than it was, and go to the Moon which was so nicely preserved.

We will have a better time without them as well so it is a win-win situation.

I have talked to many Jehovah's Witnesses in my life but not a single of them was as unhinged about the doomsday cult as this high school teacher.

Anonymous said...

"The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man dies but one."

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Joseph A Olson, PE said...

"What's the Worst that can Happen"...title of this clowns book is easy to answer.

Your child might have this Faux Science witchdoctor as a SCIENCE TEACHER or maybe subject to his 'youtube' form of instruction. I sent this clown real information on Earth science a year ago. All of his major work was "PreHadley Event Horizon" and could never be adapted to the new reality. History has a big dustbin for this dweeb to fit in. (Sometimes a big collection of felt hats does NOT improve the underlying brain)

directorblue said...

Glad I never dismantled my Y2K bunker.

Thon Brocket said...

I'd be interested to know if this loon will be packing a firearm on his lifeboat. Like, "TEOTWAWKI, but the State will still be there to protect me", maybe?