Monday, December 13, 2010

Unexpected harsh winter weather claims 34 victims in Egypt
Cairo, 13 December – The unusually harsh winter weather battering the eastern Mediterranean area has killed at least 34 people in Egypt.
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Climate victory in Cancun but still a long road ahead. Good summary here: #COP16 #ecomonday
Fourteen Deaths Linked to Storm in U.S. Midwest
At least 14 deaths in five states were attributed to the storm. A transplant surgeon from the Indiana University School of Medicine was killed Sunday in a car crash in Michigan; a 58-year-old man in River Falls, Wis., died Saturday when a metal shed collapsed on him; and a 79-year-old man in Woodville, Wis., was struck and killed Saturday by a snow plow as he ran a snowblower at the end of his driveway, according to local news reports.
Police ID Man Found Dead In Extreme Cold - Kansas City News Story - KCTV Kansas City
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police have identified a man who was found dead in the extreme cold conditions over the weekend.

Police said the man was Darryl Tyson, 55, and officers said he died homeless and in the cold.

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