Wednesday, January 12, 2011

June 2010: Drought in Sri Lanka is your fault; January 2011: Record rain in Sri Lanka is your fault

June 2010: Surviving droughts in Sri Lanka « Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience Blog of the most severe hazards in Sri Lanka is drought and is considered the most significant hazard in many districts of the country, such as Hambantota and Puttalam.
...In the future, these forms of infrastructure need to be in place in Sri Lanka and other countries in the Global South as problems of drought, whether they are severe or ‘mild’, will likely accelerate due to climate change.
SRI LANKA: Record rains increase urgency of climate change adaptation | Sri Lanka | Early Warning | Environment
The Minister of Disaster Management, Rishard Bathiudeen, told IRIN the Environment Ministry was considering adaptation strategies. "We are now being warned by scientists that climate change is not only real but Sri Lanka needs to be well prepared. We do not want to wait till the people become climate refugees as is happening in other parts of the world."

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