Thursday, February 24, 2011

Al Fin: Shale Gas Promise is Real, "Gasland" Is A Fraud
s providing a much needed energy boost. Over the next 20 years, shale gas is destined to grow from 15% of US gas production to roughly 50% of production.

Contrary to the blatant falsehoods (PDF) displayed in the Oscar-nominated "documentary" Gasland, production of shale gas is as clean or cleaner than production of any other type of non-nuclear energy or fuel.
Multi-million pound fund to fill potholes (From Worcester News)
THE county council will be bidding to get a slice of a £100 million pot of government cash to help patch up Worcestershire’s roads.
While officials at County Hall say they still do not know exactly how much damage was caused by the severe winter weather – temperatures in some parts of the county reached as low as -19C in December – they have welcomed yesterday’s announcement by the Government that more funds will be available.

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