Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Overheated world update: India heading towards record wheat crop

India aims to raise wheat output to 90 mn tn by 2020
India, which aims to achieve 90 million tonnes of wheat production by 2020, is looking at newer technologies and agricultural practices adopted in other growing countries including Australia, a government research body said.
India, the world's second biggest wheat producer after China, is heading towards harvesting a record 81.47 million tonnes of the produce in the 2010-11 crop year.

"The country aims to enhance wheat output to 90 million tonnes by 2020 and is keeping its eyes open to new technologies and efficient agri-practices around the world," Singh said at the closing ceremony of the two-day India-Australia Programme on wheat.
Flashback: Climate change threatens Indian agricultural growth
The rice and wheat yields could decline considerably with climatic changes (IPCC 1996; 2001)

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