Friday, February 25, 2011

Seattle sets record for cold | Seattle Times Newspaper
Seattle recorded an all-time low temperature for this date Friday when the temperatures dipped to 21 degrees at 4 a.m., breaking the record of 22 degrees set in 1962.
The Reference Frame: Freeman Dyson ultimately redirects a pushy AGW interviewer into spam folder
How can we explain to those idiots that they should be listening and they should be humble because they know nothing about science? This is really the main meta-message in this whole issue.
"I want to thank the Inspector General for conducting a thorough, objective, and balanced investigation," Inhofe said. "NOAA is one of the nation's leading scientific organizations. Unfortunately, in reading past the executive summary, this report shows that some NOAA employees potentially violated federal contract law and engaged in data manipulation. It also appears that one senior NOAA employee possibly thwarted the release of important federal scientific information for the public to assess and analyze. Her justification for blocking the release was contradicted by two career attorneys in the Office of General Counsel. This is no doubt a serious matter that deserves further investigation.

"Also, the IG recommended that certain NOAA-related emails ‘warrant further investigation,' so I will be following up to ensure taxpayer dollars are being spent according to federal law, and that the public will get access to the science NOAA produces."

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