Monday, April 18, 2011

Bill McKibben on the emissions of trace amounts of invisible, natural, harmless atmospheric gas: "the worst thing that’s ever happened is happening"

Bill McKibben’s must-watch speech at Power Shift « Climate Progress
It’s tough, it’s grim, but the good news at least is that it’s clear, the science. We have a number: 350 parts per million. 350, the most important number on earth. As the NASA team put it in January 2008, “any value in the atmosphere greater than 350 parts per million is not compatible with the planet on which civilization developed and which life on earth is adapted.” Getting back to 350 pars per million will be very very tough, the toughest thing human beings have ever done, but there is no use complaining about it, it’s just physics and chemistry. That’s what we have to do.
The Koch Brothers are high peaks of corruption, but the US Chamber of Commerce is the Everest of dirty money.
The radicals are the people are the people who are fundamentally altering the composition of the atmosphere. That is the most radical thing people have ever done.
...The only thing that a morally awake person to do when the worst thing that’s ever happened is happening is try to change those odds.

I have spent most of my last few years in rooms around the world with great people, many of whom will be refugees before this century is out, some of whom may be dead from climate change before this century is out.


gofer said...

"...some of whom may be dead from climate change before this century is out. "

I suspect most everybody will be dead before this century is out, climate change or not.

Peter Wilson said...

"...some of whom may be dead from climate change before this century is out. "

So I would expect. Is McKibben blaming climate change for old age now?

Anonymous said...

These idiots have a large chunk of the world focusing on CO2. In the meantime our debt (here in the US) plus our forthcoming deficits will be doing considerably more harm.

John Marshall said...

Since 97% of atmospheric CO2 comes from natural producers how can we do anything to control this trace, natural life giving gas?

Anonymous said...

I didn't really want to deal with 15+ minutes of Bill's ranting/raving. I hope he didn't start crying again.

Anonymous said...

Try living in his home state. He is an ENGLISH professor at Middlebury College, but a lot of people in this state believe he is a climate expert. McKibben also keeps saying that winters are shorter here in VT. We had snow in October and just had snow this past week, the last week in April.
There is still 3-4 feet of snow in the mtns. Not just this year, but we have had cold and snowy Aprils 4 out of the last 5 years.

We have had long and short winters ever since they have been keeping records!!!!
If it wasn't for the snow and great skiing, I would be outta here!
Too many Kool Aid drinkers!!!